Extensive Agriculture

The agricultural activity is intended to feed and complement the nutrition of the sheep ranch. For this purpose, we sow cereals such as oats, barley or wheat.

Natural Pastures

Other areas of the farm are planted with natural pastures of alfalfa and pasture species. These areas shaded by walnut trees remain fresh and green throughout the year, ideal for free grazing of sheep.

The sheep go out to graze every day, in winter and spring in the morning and in summer even at night, to supplement their diet with fresh grass. At the same time, physical exercise is encouraged, thus improving animal welfare.

Sheep Cattle Agriculture Symbiosis

In Valle de los Molinos a perfect symbiosis between agriculture and sheep ranch has been achieved, both benefiting from their interaction.

On the one hand, the sheep enjoy the natural pastures; the shade and shelter provided by the walnut trees, which improves the health and quality of life of the sheep.

On the other hand, when the sheep graze among the walnut plantations, they fertilize with their manure, they eliminate weeds and finally the manure generated by them is used in the fields to enrich the soil with organic matter.

Control of the Production Cycle

In addition to the symbiosis between agriculture and livestock at the environmental level, an additional benefit is achieved, which is a controlled production cycle. With this model, it is possible to make the most of the resources coming from the field and reducing the inputs used and reverting to it with an increase in fertility.