Our Walnuts

Spanish Chandler Walnut, with or without shell, directly from the field.

Montes de Toledo are an excellent enclave for the cultivation of walnut, exalting a pleasant flavor and sweetness in the walnut.

Pago Valle de los Molinos with sanitary registration number 21.01102 / TO offers its walnut directly from the field, under its integral production model, with strict quality protocols.

We seek to offer a product (walnut with shell and peeled walnut) with the highest standards of organoleptic and technological quality.

Particular Characteristics

The particular characteristics of this nut are:

Natural Shell: The black stains that appear on the walnut shell indicate natural cleaning only with water and without using any type of detergent.

Chandler Variety: This variety provides a great uniformity of the fruit, oval in shape, thin skin (easy to open) and with a sweet, smooth and persistent flavor on the palate.

Nutritional Quality: The gentle natural cleaning, together with the slow drying and low temperature storage, allows obtaining a fruit that is as intact as possible. This helps preserve all its original nutritional characteristics, such as antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and dietary fiber.

Whole Walnut

After cleaning and drying at a low temperature, the walnut is fanned to achieve a better quality of pomegranate. We classify it by size in four different calibers so we can satisfy the demand of the end customer

Walnut sizes:

Size XL > 34mm | Size L 32-34mm | Size M 30-32mm | Size S < 30mm

In order to adapt to the needs of our clients, we offer multiple formats for the sale of walnuts.

Peeled Walnut

The demand for peeled walnuts is increasing every day. For this reason, Valle de los Molinos has an automatic walnut peeling line.

The peeling of the walnut is carried out according to market demand, in order to preserve as much as possible the characteristics of the extralight fruit.

Once peeled, we classify it into three sizes and we sell it in multiple formats to suit the customer needs.

Walnut sizes:

“Butterfly” > 20mm | Chunk-size 14-20mm | Mini chunk-size < 14mm