Our Olive Trees

Valle de los Molinos combines among its plantations the three main olive grove production systems: Cornicabra, Picual and Arbequina. In addition, the olive grove is cultivated under a model that pursues the highest quality of the fruit and respect for the environment.

Cornicabra Olive Grove

The traditional olive grove of the Cornicabra variety is the genuine one of Montes de Toledo, in Valle de los Molinos farm it covers a large area.

Traditional olive groves are those plantations that, due to their plantation framework, do not exceed 90-100 olives / ha. For a long time they have been the most abundant plantations in our geography, and today they are still the ones that occupy the largest surface area.

Harvesting of the Cornicabra variety begins in mid-December and lasts until the beginning of the year.

Cornicabra oil stands out for its great sensation of density in the mouth, fruity and aromatic at the same time, slightly bitter and with a very balanced aroma.

Arbequina Olive Grove

Arbequina variety was introduced to the farm in the mid-90s, betting on the hedge production system, which at that time was totally unknown and which would later be established as one of the most important production systems.

Arbequina variety with small and rounded fruit is harvested early between the beginning and the middle of November depending on the year. Picking it up at the optimal time of maturation will allow obtaining a more stable oil with greater aromatic intensity.

Arbequino Oil stands out for its light sweet, fruity and fresh flavor, in addition to its extraordinary smoothness in the mouth. Due to its characteristics, it is recommended to consume only raw, perfect to pair with vegetables, salads, toast and fish.

Picual Olive Grove

With an intensive cultivation system, the olive grove of the Picual variety was introduced in the 80s. Betting on the new cultivation trends that at that time were beginning to spread throughout the Spanish geography. Subsequently, other plantations have been made with a hedgerow cultivation system, with the aim of converting them into intensive systems in the future.

The picual variety is harvested in early December. Although, the exact moment is defined by the characteristics of the oil to be obtained and the vegetative state of the crop.

Its body and density on the palate characterize picual oil, it has a moderately bitter taste and a spicy aftertaste due to its high polyphenolic load that also has an antioxidant effect.