Our Walnut Trees

In the northern area of the Montes de Toledo, with a mountainous orography and stony and clayey soil, there are excellent microclimatic conditions for the cultivation of walnut trees.

Integrated Production Methods

The Chandler variety is from California and it is totally adapted to the particular conditions of Valle de los Molinos. The fruit is large and smooth; it has an oval shape and a thin, well-sealed shell. Its sweet taste and its high content of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, makes it a healthy product. Likewise, having a single selected variety allows us to obtain a uniform nut of high organoleptic quality.

Valle de los Molinos follows a comprehensive production system, which means total control of production.

The control of the production starts at the beginning of the vegetative cycle of the plant with the flowering, going through the care and maintenance of the plantation throughout the year, the harvesting at the optimum moment of maturity, a processing of the fruit as natural as possible. It ends with a packaging adapted to the needs of the final consumer.

The “integral model” allows controlling all the production factors, and although it is more complex, it allows reaching the maximum exponent of organoleptic and nutritional quality.

Chandler Walnut Maturation Cycle

Female Flower

Male Flower

Growing Walnut

Processed Walnut

Walnut Processing

In Spanish, we say “mucho ruido pocas nueces” which literally means a great deal of fuss over a thing of little importance or much ado about nothing. This acquires its literary meaning when it comes to walnut processing.

From the moment it reaches its optimum maturity, the nut goes through multiple stages: harvesting, winnowing of the leaf, peeling and separation of the pod, washing, drying, winnowing of the fruit, calibration and storage in a cold camera.

We use natural cleaning only through physical processes and water, and drying it at a low temperature allows to finally achieve a product with the highest quality and freshness.